domingo, julio 04, 2010

Psychology Digest

Vamos a inaugurar esta temática con énfasis en lo noticiero, en este blog para dar dinamismo a las cuestiones psicológicas y poder estar al día de lo que pasa en el 'planeta de los psicólogos'. La fuente noticiera será la Asociación de Psicólogos Británicos.

The bloggers behind the Psychology Blogs

Blogging has emerged as a powerful medium in recent years and nowhere is this more evident than in psychology and neuroscience. But who are the people behind these increasingly influential blogs? What are their motives and what advice do they have for aspiring bloggers? To find out, the Research Digest caught up with a handful of the world's leading psych bloggers: Jacy Young of Advances in the History of Psychology; Jesse Bering of Bering in Mind; Anthony Risser of BrainBlog; David DiSalvo of Brainspin & Neuronarrative; Petra Boynton of Dr Petra; Vaughan Bell of Mind Hacks; Mo Costandi of Neurophilosphy; David Dobbs of Neuron Culture; Neuroskeptic of Neuroskeptic; Hesitant Iconoclast of Neurowhoa!; Scarlett de Courcier of Ramblings of an Academic Petrolhead, Paracademia and 28 others; Dave Munger of Research Blogging and Cognitive Daily; and Wray Herbert of We're Only Human & Full Frontal Psychology.

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